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Primark Haul! Nothing Over £10! 

So today I just went for a casual look around the shops and I thought I would pop into Primark, I didn’t have anything specific  I wanted, just a little look. I ended up buying loads! But I must say nothing in this haul is over £10, so this is of course budget friendly!! 

The first thing I picked up was a new washing basket/bin, because the one I had was falling apart and the wires were coming out of it so I thought it was time to pick another one up and I really liked this one.  This cost £3.50 so an excellent buy! 

One of the many things I’m obsessed with are notebooks, I love them because I always like to write things down or ideas I have because my memory is terrible so I saw this one and it just called to me because it has a marble print on and the detailing is copper, my favourite!! This cost £2.50 and I normally get my notebooks from Paperchase and it’s a great shop but the items are more pricey so I love that this is a cheaper option! 

Okay so I’m obsessed with shoes, and in the summer I love wearing sandles and flip flops! I always like to have different options, this is just an excuse to buy shoes! These are so comfy and I don’t own any gold sandals at the moment so I had to pick them up and especially since they are only £6.00!

So as I said I love summer shoes and when I go on holiday, most of the time I live in flip flops so I always like to have lots on deck because numerous times they have broke on me, the toe part has snapped, another excuse to buy more shoes! These flip flops cost £2.00 each and are made from foam type material. 

I also picked up a fancier pair of flip flops for more going out occasions on holiday! I actually had a pair very similar to these from Marks and Spencer’s last year and I loved them, I wore them so much I made holes in the sole! They were more expensive than these, can’t remember what I paid for them but it was defiantly more than £4.00! 

I already have a pair of these slip on trainer style shoes, and so does my sister but we currently have them in a orange neon type colour, which is lovely! I just fancied picking up a more neutral pair because they are really comfortable and very affordable at £8.00! 

So I saw one of my friends post on Instagram a photo of some unicorn socks, and they were the style of socks that just cover your toes and heels. I loved them so much so I asked where she got them from and she said Primark, so this came to mind when I was in there but I never found those ones but I did find these and I loved them, reminded me on my childhood so I got them and for £2.50, you can’t go wrong! 

Okay so I have three sisters and at the moment the latest craze is unicorns, they do have me obsessed with unicorns as well! So when I went looking in the lounge wear department and saw this top, I just had to get it, for my sisters enjoyment and for my own! The top was only £6.00 and I’ll be wearing it around the house because I do basically live in lounge wear, I get told off all the time for this! 

Also in the lounge wear department this amazing set caught my eye, these were actually on a manikin along with a unicorn dressing gown but unfortunately they had none left in a large so I was disappointed in that but I still picked up this set because it’s just adorable and only £10! 

I love home decor! Sometimes in Primark they do get really good home things in for a good price so it is worth a look! Today I say these pillow cases and I just had to buy them! The unicorn obsession keeps on growing, as an excuse I thought well my sisters say over sometimes so they can enjoy these as well! 

For me personally Primark clothes are hit and miss, sometimes the stuff they have are not good quality and just don’t appeal to me. However today I did find some perfect holiday tops, and they are the type of material that will be easy to care for and for £4.00 each it was an amazing buy and perfect for the summer! There was lots of different patterns and colours which I loved because there has got to be something that would appeal to everyone in there, the style and cut of the top is also really flattery, it’s slightly longer at the back than the front.

The last item I pick up was some of these funny looking bobbles! To be completely honest I picked these up because they looked weird but also reminded me of my childhood and very 90’s looking, one pack is larger, the ones with black in and the others are smaller from the children’s section. For only a £1 each they are a good buy and I have found this style does not leave a mark/kink in your hair! 

I hope you liked this blog post, it’s a little different from my normal posts, so let me know if you like this or not! I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted this is just because I have been super busy but I have planned some really good reviews coming up! To keep updated and also to be involved in my 2K giveaway which will be happening very soon, follow my Instagram! Love you all!