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The reasons behind my break from social media! 

I have some serious explaining to do! I know! 

I realise that I don’t share a lot of my personal life on the internet (I wish I could, maybe one day!) but I am going to open up about why I have been away for a while, not posting anything and also very quite on Instagram. 

If you have been following me or reading my blog since I started up, then you will know that I started doing this because I love makeup! It was as simple as that! I had for many years thought about doing this yearly, but life always seemed to get in the way! Unfortunately one day I suddenly became very ill and my whole life turned upside down! I found myself with a lot of time spare on my hands in hospital and I also wanted a distraction from my reality and what was happening to me, that is how The Makeup Junkie was created! 

I had a massive shock when I fell ill, I realised a lot of personal things about myself, and one of them was I was not happy with how my life and career was heading, I needed to make a change! I love makeup and trying makeup and also applying makeup on myself and others so it seemed very clear that this was what I needed to do! I wanted to share with the world my knowledge, my tips and tricks, amazing makeup that I’m obsessed with! I always for a long time have been advising friends and family on makeup, it’s my true passion and love in my life! 

I set up this blog and Instagram as way of connecting with other makeup lovers and also to spread my knowledge and wisdom! I have never been one of those girls with loads of friend and when I became poorly I found myself left alone, because I was no longer able to do the things I once used too, my so called friends didn’t want to know. I am very lucky though to have an amazing family who has helped me and supported me through everything! Very recently as well I have had to deal with the struggle of loosing my long thick brown hair, which was a traumatic time for me, but it has started to grow again so I’m slowly gaining confidence again!  

As my Instagram and blog started gaining followers and getting noticed it was so exciting for me because I never imaged having this much engament from this! I started to receive business emails from companies wanting to do promotions and affiliations etc, I thought at the time this is massive, such a privilege that little old me gets to work with companies involved with makeup! I was wrong, it wasn’t a privilege, I got into a lot of mess and arguments over posts and contracts, it was very messy. I regretted saying yes to a lot of deals. I never want to lie or miss lead my followers and I would ALWAYS only recommend products I love and have used. These companies wanted me to lie to my followers which was not acceptable to me. 

This is why I haven’t been active reacently, I have been very involved with this business and unfortunately my health is still not great. So I have come to the decision that I am going to re create my Instagram! Make a brand new account with no business deals or fuss like that, just pure MAKEUP! 

So anyway I had decided to reinvent myself, I’ve changed the style of my blog and I’m in the process of setting a new Instagram account up, which I’ll of course be following everyone who follows me now! Also I have purchased a good camera which means lots more photos and also videos!!! Super excited about this! Hopefully I’ll be able to do mini tutorials as well! So things are looking up for the future of The Makeup Junkie! 

I love you all so much! Stay gorgeous! 

The Makeup Junkie!



Review of Milk Makeups Blur Stick! 

I feel like it has been forever since I had done a review! Well it has been! It has just been a really busy couple of weeks and especially since it’s Easter/Spring break, I’ve been doing lots of things with the family, also it has took me a while to decide my full opinion on this product, I’ll explain everything! 

First of all I would like to tell you about where I purchased this from, since I live in the U.K. I struggle to get my hands on a lot of amazing cosmetics which are made and sold in the USA, however through social media I came across a website which stocks so many amazing USA brands and products! The website is – http://londonlovesbeauty.com  I would highly recommend checking their website out if you are looking for products which are not commonly found! 

Anyway on to the product it’s self! Milk Makeup is a cosmetics company from the USA, it states on their website all their products are cruelty free and are made with the best possibly ingredients. The company it’s self strive for uniqueness and believe in personal style being the ultimate form of self expression. If you want to read a little more about the brand, there is a dedicated page on their website- https://milkmakeup.com/us/   For me personally it is also great to find another brand that is cruelty free, because a personal goal of mine is to eventually only purchase products which are cruelty free! 

I have seen a lot on social media about Milk Makeup but not a lot of conversation about this particular product, I do know there is a numerous multi-purpose sticks in their range, but this one took my fancy the most. In my head I thought it would be a stick version of the Benefit Porefessional, and it does in fact act in a similar way by hiding pores and covering fine lines, but this was just my first initial thoughts. Okay, so this Blur Stick claims to be a face filter, it’s silicone free, a matte primer, minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines, works on all skin tones, oil free, non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) and help makeup stay put. This is a lot of claims for one makeup product! I love that it’s silicone and oil free, this is making me think that it’ll be great for oily skin types, I do have dry to normal skin however I do have pores on my cheeks which I do like to hide or blue if I can and also I do have fine lines under my eyes and my smile lines I like to smooth out. 

When I first opened this Blur Stick it looked like a foundation, and I was a little worried because I am very pale so I didn’t want this to give off any colour, luckily for me it does not! I swiped this on the back of my hand and it is clear, but actually you don’t even feel like anything is on your face. This is good and also a bit of a pain, great because it’s not heavy on the face however I didn’t know how much to put on because it felt like nothing was on my face, but I warn you now don’t over use this product or you will not like it! I did this the first couple of times but I came to realise I was applying way to much! I recommend a swipe on the areas needed, not to continuesly go over and over because the product will build up and start to ball up, any foundation etc will apply funny! Other than this I do really love how this product makes my skin look, it gives an almost cover to my face that iliminates imperfections! I have wore this Blur Stick on it’s own and with makeup and I do love both ways but personally I prefer it more on it’s own because I think you do see more of a difference without makeup on. The only really down point of this product is you can’t be too heavy handed because it will drag on you skin which is not good for you skin so you do have to be gentle with it! 

I do think this is a very unique product, I haven’t seen anything like this before, the aim of the product, I have, but the style is very much their own. I would say this would be great for oily skin as it will matte the skin, as for makeup staying on longer I’m not sure, I didn’t find any difference but maybe another skin type may. The price of this product on their website is $36 I bought mine for £40. So this is up their in price, you do get 1oz of product and you hardly use any in one application compared to a cream or serum. So I guess it is a personal decision, weighing up the pros and cons, for me I think it is worth the money! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and also I would like to say and MASSIVE thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, it is now closed and I will be announcing the winner tomorrow! Thank you for all the support and love! 





Listen up!! This is not a joke! I repeat! This is not a joke!! 

If you have Instagram go over to my page- themakeupjunkie1   and all the instruction to enter the giveaway is on Instagram, posted on the caption of the first post! (If reading this at a later date, it’s the post that has “2K giveaway” typed over the photo, also is the feature picture of this post.)

For my lovely blog readers, I want all of you’s to have a extra entry to the giveaway! Just because I love you all so much! Rules below- 

1. Must be following my blog 

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So you can enter the giveaway this way if you don’t have Instagram or you can do this as an extra entry! I’m so excited to be doing this! 

Okay so the giveaway will end 17th April at 6:00pm GMT! I’ll be choosing the winner by a random generator! This giveaway will be INTERNATIONAL! Anyone that followers the rules can be entered into the giveaway! I’m doing this as a way to say thank you to all my followers and for the lovely support! I LOVE YOU ALL!! 




Review of Essence Prismatic Rainbow Highlighter! 

This is a new product from Essence which I spotted in my drugstore and I was SHOOK! I had to pick this up because it looks amazing and just calls unicorn, rainbow magic! As the growing trend in the makeup world is highlighting and also everything magical, this seems like a perfect on trend makeup product! The name of the highlighter is 10- Be A Unicorn! The price is £3.50 so very affordable for this magical product! Right let’s get into the review! 

This highlight will of course scare the life out of you! I mean who wouldn’t get scared of putting a rainbow highlighter on your cheeks?! There is two ways to go about this, I did try both ways! One of the ways you can use this is swirling all the colours together and the other is just using them separately. 

When you swirl together all of the fab rainbow colours I was super impressed to see that it actually gives a lovely golden glow and it is very wearable, in fact I have been using this a lot when I just want a subtle natural glow to my skin. This highlight is not beaming, like that’s the first thing you notice, it is more soft and a natural glow from within, which can be nice when you want a more natural makeup day. 

The other way you could use this for maybe a fancy dress, Halloween or if this is the look you want to go for, rock it! You can wear this highlight as different colours so it will look like a rainbow on your cheeks. If you can pull this rainbow look off I am very jealous of you! 

Overall I think this is an amazing fun product that it is possible to actually use and wear, of course it is just makeup, it washes off at the end of the day! I hope you enjoyed this review! Make sure you are followed to my Instagram because when I each 2K I’ll be doing a big giveaway which will be open internationally! Love you all! 




Primark Haul! Nothing Over £10! 

So today I just went for a casual look around the shops and I thought I would pop into Primark, I didn’t have anything specific  I wanted, just a little look. I ended up buying loads! But I must say nothing in this haul is over £10, so this is of course budget friendly!! 

The first thing I picked up was a new washing basket/bin, because the one I had was falling apart and the wires were coming out of it so I thought it was time to pick another one up and I really liked this one.  This cost £3.50 so an excellent buy! 

One of the many things I’m obsessed with are notebooks, I love them because I always like to write things down or ideas I have because my memory is terrible so I saw this one and it just called to me because it has a marble print on and the detailing is copper, my favourite!! This cost £2.50 and I normally get my notebooks from Paperchase and it’s a great shop but the items are more pricey so I love that this is a cheaper option! 

Okay so I’m obsessed with shoes, and in the summer I love wearing sandles and flip flops! I always like to have different options, this is just an excuse to buy shoes! These are so comfy and I don’t own any gold sandals at the moment so I had to pick them up and especially since they are only £6.00!

So as I said I love summer shoes and when I go on holiday, most of the time I live in flip flops so I always like to have lots on deck because numerous times they have broke on me, the toe part has snapped, another excuse to buy more shoes! These flip flops cost £2.00 each and are made from foam type material. 

I also picked up a fancier pair of flip flops for more going out occasions on holiday! I actually had a pair very similar to these from Marks and Spencer’s last year and I loved them, I wore them so much I made holes in the sole! They were more expensive than these, can’t remember what I paid for them but it was defiantly more than £4.00! 

I already have a pair of these slip on trainer style shoes, and so does my sister but we currently have them in a orange neon type colour, which is lovely! I just fancied picking up a more neutral pair because they are really comfortable and very affordable at £8.00! 

So I saw one of my friends post on Instagram a photo of some unicorn socks, and they were the style of socks that just cover your toes and heels. I loved them so much so I asked where she got them from and she said Primark, so this came to mind when I was in there but I never found those ones but I did find these and I loved them, reminded me on my childhood so I got them and for £2.50, you can’t go wrong! 

Okay so I have three sisters and at the moment the latest craze is unicorns, they do have me obsessed with unicorns as well! So when I went looking in the lounge wear department and saw this top, I just had to get it, for my sisters enjoyment and for my own! The top was only £6.00 and I’ll be wearing it around the house because I do basically live in lounge wear, I get told off all the time for this! 

Also in the lounge wear department this amazing set caught my eye, these were actually on a manikin along with a unicorn dressing gown but unfortunately they had none left in a large so I was disappointed in that but I still picked up this set because it’s just adorable and only £10! 

I love home decor! Sometimes in Primark they do get really good home things in for a good price so it is worth a look! Today I say these pillow cases and I just had to buy them! The unicorn obsession keeps on growing, as an excuse I thought well my sisters say over sometimes so they can enjoy these as well! 

For me personally Primark clothes are hit and miss, sometimes the stuff they have are not good quality and just don’t appeal to me. However today I did find some perfect holiday tops, and they are the type of material that will be easy to care for and for £4.00 each it was an amazing buy and perfect for the summer! There was lots of different patterns and colours which I loved because there has got to be something that would appeal to everyone in there, the style and cut of the top is also really flattery, it’s slightly longer at the back than the front.

The last item I pick up was some of these funny looking bobbles! To be completely honest I picked these up because they looked weird but also reminded me of my childhood and very 90’s looking, one pack is larger, the ones with black in and the others are smaller from the children’s section. For only a £1 each they are a good buy and I have found this style does not leave a mark/kink in your hair! 

I hope you liked this blog post, it’s a little different from my normal posts, so let me know if you like this or not! I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted this is just because I have been super busy but I have planned some really good reviews coming up! To keep updated and also to be involved in my 2K giveaway which will be happening very soon, follow my Instagram! Love you all! 




Review of Silicone Sponge! 

Yes you read the title correct! I am reviewing this social media craze, the Silicone Sponge! There is nothing fancy about this, it’s just a slice of Silicone which claims to apply foundation and concealer without wasting any product like the beauty sponge does. I can imagine how this does make sense, as the Silicone sponge does not require any water and would not absorb any product, however to a makeup artist or someone who appreciates how good their makeup looks, this may not be such a problem since the beauty sponge works very well. 

So first things first, when this came through the post I was very excited to try it out because I did have high hopes of this working out, the first thing I noticed was that the silicone sponge was a lot thinner than I imagined. I’m not sure if every silicone sponge is like this but mine was. The texture is very strange it kind of wrinkles when you push it together, it is just silicone! 

Now for application, I did of course use a trusted and loved foundation of mine which I know works well and applys normally great so I knew this was all just about the silicone sponge! I applied the foundation on the back of my hand and then took some on the silicone sponge and went in applying that way. First of all I tried patting the foundation around my face, this didn’t do a lot, it just stayed looking thick in one blob on my face. I then went to try and drag the product to attempt to blend it around my face but this didn’t work really because all it did was make marks in my foundation. This sponge makes applying and blending out foundation super hard! It should never be this difficult to apply foundation and get it to look lovely! I demonstrated on my sisters arm of how is dragged and made marks in the foundation and concealer instead of making it look smooth and flawless. 

Overall this seemed like such a good idea to save product and a cheaper option to beauty sponges but the fact is that it just does not apply foundation or concealer as well or as easy! This sponge just makes everything harder and I would much rather my beauty sponge soak up a little of my foundation than try to spend ages getting this silicone sponge to move and blend my foundation. This is just a soild pass from me and I would not recommend to any one!! Just invest in a beauty blender or a real techniques sponge and it will do the job amazingly and very quick! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and remember to go over to my Instagram and give me a follow because when I get to 2K I’ll be doing a big giveaway!! If you have any requests for reviews please leave a comment below! Love you all so much!! 




Review of Karity Eyeshadows! 

I had never heard anything about the brand Katity before, I first saw them in an article about how they  did not spend any money on adversiting and just noticed by word of mouth! This is a very different approach to how most brands and companies get their products out in the world and I do appreciate this because it shows that they want to but the best quality into the products themselves! (This is not sponsored.) 

I purchased myself nine shadows in a variety of finishes, matte, satin and metallic. The shade names are, Daisy Chain, Toosie, INDO, Super Freak, Muzzle, Tease, Mary Jane and Diva. The two satin shades are Daisy Chain and Toosie, the matte shades are INDO, Super Freak, Muzzle and Tease, the two metallics are Mary Jane and Diva. 

First of all the satin shades, as you can see by the picture of the swatches Daisy Chain does not really show up, which I was really disappointed with! I maybe though it was just the swatch and it would look really pretty on the eyes but I was wrong, it did not give off hardly any colour or shimmer, this one is a pass for me! Toosie on the other hand is gorgeous! It reminds me of Jaclyn Hills champagne pop as a eyeshadow, I love this shade and if sprayed with Fix+ it turns a metallic like foil and looks so pretty all over the lid or even as a highlight! 

The matte colours I got are all very neautral because I prefer to work with matte shades in my crease so on my skin tone I like to work with browns and warm oranges tones. All of these shades are gorgeous! They blend so smoothly and are very buttery and creamy, everything you can ask  for from a matte shadow! I really love these matey shadows and I have been using them nearly everyday since I have got them! 

The metallic shadows in my opinion are very special!! They are super pigmented and almost foil like which to me is everything I want a metallic shadow to be! I was totally blown away with these metallic shadows, I can’t say enough good things about these! The colour stays true all day doesn’t fade in anyway and also all of these shadows do not crease on me personally, I do wear an eyeprimer but I have found some lower quality shadows do create even with a primer however these do not! Another amazing thing about these is that they are really affordable so not matter what your budget may be I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you are looking for and also some of the shadows are supposed to be a dupe for MAC shadows, I’d love to test this out unfortunalty I don’t own any, but I may contact friends that do! 

Overall I’m obsessed with these shadows, when buying anything that you haven’t tried out or tested before you do run the risk of getting something you don’t like so I’m okay that only one of these shadows didn’t work out as well as the others! These eyeshadows get a massive thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend you check them out!! I hope you enjoyed this post, please go follow my Instagram for more daily updates and also I’m very close to my 2K giveaway!! 




Splurge or Save?!? 

On this weeks Splurge or Save series I’ll be comparing a high end liquid lipstick to a less expensive version! I wanted to compare liquid lipsticks because at the moment they are super popular! So the two brands of liquid lipstick we’ll be comparing is NYX and Kylie Cosmetics. I also wanted to try and get two colours very similar so in the Kylie range the shade is Exposed and the NYX one is Ruffle Trim, these colours are nearly the same match the NYX one is slightly darker but still close.

Kylie Cosmetics do their liquid lipstick in kits and also singles. Her single liquid lipstick retail for $17, but this does not include shipping, also there will be added tax and duty if you are shipping internationally. This makes the cost increase a lot! So this may not seem the most expensive liquid lipstick but these added costs for international customers it is expensive, the lucky people in the USA will not have this problem.  The consistency of the Kylie liquid lipsticks are a lot thinner then others I have tried but the first noticeable thing is the overwhelming sweet scent! It is a very strong vanilla sweetness smell, they do have a stronger scent than Mac lipsticks because when you open them, you can imidiantly smell it. To me this is a draw back to them because I don’t like when any makeup products have a overwhelming scent to them, but this is personal preference! The product weighs 3.25ml/0.11 oz so this is probably an average amount of product for a liquid lipstick. The doe foot applicator is a pretty standard shape and size as well, so overall to me the packaging and applicator is very standard and basic not really anything amazing! This product it’s self though does dry down very matte, it does take a little while to dry down totally but I don’t mind this as it gives me time to work with the product and play about to get it perfect! I do really enjoy wearing these liquid lipstick apart from the scent but I do find after a while it does dull down but never complete go away, but for some this may not be a problem. 

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick has been all over social media a lot, I have done a review about this product so I won’t really go into that much detail, if you want to find more about this product, check out the blog post I did! So this liquid lipstick retails for $7 (on the NYX website) and £6.50 (on Boot.com) so this is significantly cheaper and there is no shipping fees because this liquid lipstick can be found in store UK and USA. The weight of this product is 3.69ml/0.13 oz, so you do get slightly more product in this compared to the Kylie Cosmetics one. The doe foot applicator is also a little different it is a longer shape and also a rectangle shape and has to curve to it apart for a slight slant on one side. (In my other blog post there is a picture of the doe foot applicator.) NYX’s liquid lipstick does not have a scent to it which is very nice and gives it a bonus point compare to the Kylie one. However this one is very drying on the lips! It feel like it is sucking all the moisture from my lips! Personally I can’t wear this liquid lipstick as I feel it is way too drying on my lips, I can get away if I put a balm and then a gloss on top of it but that just defeats the point of a matte liquid lipstick. 

Overall this is a hard decion, personally I’m not a fan of the NYX Liquid Lipsticks however I don’t want to pay for a Kylie Liquod Lipstick and then added shipping but also added duty and tax so I end up paying four times the amount of the product! So I would maybe purchase a NYX liquid lipstick and try it out if you live in the UK and see if it works for you, if you live in the USA I would recommend the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick! 

So this has been a little different outcome on Splurge or Save this week! I hope you enjoyed reading this and please leave me a comment below and also go follow my Instagram, I’m nearly to 2K followers and then I’ll be revealing my giveaway! I have everything in check this time so nothing can go wrong!! Thanks for reading! 




Review of MAC Cosmetics Lavender Fix +!

MAC Cosmetics is a high end brand that brings out special collections and collaborations, over the years MAC is consantly changing and improving their products and packaging to move with the trend and also they have been sneaking up their prices! So anyway this newest collection is called “Work it out”, some of the special collections don’t really take my fancy however there was one item in this collection that made me buy this straight away! The Lavender Fix+, this is just because my favourite scent is lavender! 

The only thing I do not like about this product is that it’s not in the traditional 100ml bottle! They only sell the three scents, Lavender, Rose and Coconut in the 30ml bottle, which I would use very quickly! I did have a little worry about weather or not the scent would cause irritation but it has not, I have tried this out all over the face to set makeup but also to foil shadows and it performs exactly like the original Fix+! 

Overall I love this product so much!! I only wish they did this in a larger bottle! I mean it is a special item but I think if you are a big fan of these three scents it would be great for you! I did want to make this review shorter just because yesterday’s was a very lengthy post! I hope you enjoyed reading this review on MAC Cosmetics Lavender Fix+, if you have any suggestions of reviews or any comments please feel to let me know and also make sure to follow me on Instagram for more daily updates!