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The reasons behind my break from social media!Β 

I have some serious explaining to do! I know! 

I realise that I don’t share a lot of my personal life on the internet (I wish I could, maybe one day!) but I am going to open up about why I have been away for a while, not posting anything and also very quite on Instagram. 

If you have been following me or reading my blog since I started up, then you will know that I started doing this because I love makeup! It was as simple as that! I had for many years thought about doing this yearly, but life always seemed to get in the way! Unfortunately one day I suddenly became very ill and my whole life turned upside down! I found myself with a lot of time spare on my hands in hospital and I also wanted a distraction from my reality and what was happening to me, that is how The Makeup Junkie was created! 

I had a massive shock when I fell ill, I realised a lot of personal things about myself, and one of them was I was not happy with how my life and career was heading, I needed to make a change! I love makeup and trying makeup and also applying makeup on myself and others so it seemed very clear that this was what I needed to do! I wanted to share with the world my knowledge, my tips and tricks, amazing makeup that I’m obsessed with! I always for a long time have been advising friends and family on makeup, it’s my true passion and love in my life! 

I set up this blog and Instagram as way of connecting with other makeup lovers and also to spread my knowledge and wisdom! I have never been one of those girls with loads of friend and when I became poorly I found myself left alone, because I was no longer able to do the things I once used too, my so called friends didn’t want to know. I am very lucky though to have an amazing family who has helped me and supported me through everything! Very recently as well I have had to deal with the struggle of loosing my long thick brown hair, which was a traumatic time for me, but it has started to grow again so I’m slowly gaining confidence again!  

As my Instagram and blog started gaining followers and getting noticed it was so exciting for me because I never imaged having this much engament from this! I started to receive business emails from companies wanting to do promotions and affiliations etc, I thought at the time this is massive, such a privilege that little old me gets to work with companies involved with makeup! I was wrong, it wasn’t a privilege, I got into a lot of mess and arguments over posts and contracts, it was very messy. I regretted saying yes to a lot of deals. I never want to lie or miss lead my followers and I would ALWAYS only recommend products I love and have used. These companies wanted me to lie to my followers which was not acceptable to me. 

This is why I haven’t been active reacently, I have been very involved with this business and unfortunately my health is still not great. So I have come to the decision that I am going to re create my Instagram! Make a brand new account with no business deals or fuss like that, just pure MAKEUP! 

So anyway I had decided to reinvent myself, I’ve changed the style of my blog and I’m in the process of setting a new Instagram account up, which I’ll of course be following everyone who follows me now! Also I have purchased a good camera which means lots more photos and also videos!!! Super excited about this! Hopefully I’ll be able to do mini tutorials as well! So things are looking up for the future of The Makeup Junkie! 

I love you all so much! Stay gorgeous! 

The Makeup Junkie!



Review of Essence Products 2!Β 

I have already done a review of some Essence products because of a few people telling me about how good they are for the really low cost! It turned out I loved those products and I still to this day, I use them on a daily basis and they live in my top drawer with my most used makeup in! When I went to the drugstore, hunting for some bargain finds I picked up some items I didn’t try the first time, Essence Camouflage 2-1 powder and makeup, Long Lasting lipstick and a Matt Matt Matt lipstick. 

First of all I’ll start with the powder, I got the shade 10 Ivory Beige in my particular store there was only 4 shades available which was a bit of a let down because they all were very fair and even the darkest one I wouldn’t be able to bronze with, so that’s negative point! When I got home and opens the product up I this compact has a nice size mirror on the lid which is fantastic because the cost is very low at Β£3.50! The texture of the powder is very smooth and creamy and doesn’t chalk up like other cheaper powders which was a good sign. The first way I tried to use this powder was on top of my foundation as a setting powder, because the powder is coloured and not translusant it will change the colour of your foundation, if used lightly it won’t make that much of a difference though. The finish is very matte and at first it gave the skin a very smooth and flawless look to it, however during the course of the day it started to bunch up and separate on my face I then tried to layer the powder which made it look worse, I was disappointed with that since it looked good when it first went on. I then tried the powder on it’s own and Thai did not work out for me, it did not have any coverage and made my complexion look very dull. Unfortunately the powder does flash back in photos. I do think this powder is a soil pass for me, if you are on a low budget looking for a powder I would recommend Rimmel Stay Matte which is a brilliant drugstore powder! 

Top is without flash and bottom is with flash. 

I got two different types of lipsticks to try out from their range, I picked up a long lasting one and also a matte finish one. First of all the long lasting one I got the shade 07 which is a kind of neautral pink colour, the first swipe of the lipstick the colour is very sheer but feel creamy and hydrating, to be honest it didn’t feel like it was going to be long wearing and it turns out, it’s not long wearing! It did stain the outer portion of my lips a bit but nothing in my books is it long wearing. I do think the lipstick it’s self is a lovely colour and does feel nice, I would wear this again and recommend this lipstick! The second lipstick I got from their matte collection and I picked up the shade 01 and it’s a peachy nude colour which is looks very good on a lot of skin tones. This is not the best matte lipstick I have ever tired but it probably won’t be the worst, the pigmentation is very good, however when applied in the lips it is patchy and if you layer more than one coat on it forms clusters on lipstick on the lips and kinda of balls off which is not good at all! The formaula is creamy and not drying like other matte lipsticks however because of the way it applies on the lips I wouldn’t recommend these lipsticks in the matte range and I won’t be reaching for this or even using it again. 

I think with Essence products it’s trial and error with what is good and what is not so good and I did go on recommendation the first time so I was lucky, I did buy this out of just curiosity so 2 out of 3 products ended up being a pass but that can happen some times. 

I hope you enjoyed my review of some more of the Essence products and if this review helped you in any way I’m very please and blessed, you can go follow my Instagram for more and also I will be announcing a giveaway very soon so you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win some makeup goodies! 




My First Blog Post!

So this is my first blog post. I won’t make it too boring for you reading this. However I will let you into a bit of a secret, I never imaged myself starting a blog, starting an Instagram and possibly a Facebook. This was just not what I saw myself doing.

I started studying to become a nurse, I did all the graft and the hard work, got the experience of working long hours, but that clearly wasn’t my destiny since I’ve ended up writing this blog post for you.

Since I was very small, my first memory is of me playing with my mothers makeup hiding in my room and applying lipstick. It was always a hobby of mine to look glamorous and buy makeup, I just love anything girly and pink, that’s who I truly am.

For privacy reasons I’m not going to tell you about how I’ve ended up here and writing to you, but I do promise you this, I will try my hardest to produce a makeup blog full of reviews, content and inspiring things so that it’s enjoyable to read and we can build a community together!

Please feel free to leave comments and like my posts and interact with me on social media platforms because I love meeting new people and talking to you all!


The Makeup Junkie