Review of Essence Prismatic Rainbow Highlighter! 

This is a new product from Essence which I spotted in my drugstore and I was SHOOK! I had to pick this up because it looks amazing and just calls unicorn, rainbow magic! As the growing trend in the makeup world is highlighting and also everything magical, this seems like a perfect on trend makeup product! The name of the highlighter is 10- Be A Unicorn! The price is £3.50 so very affordable for this magical product! Right let’s get into the review! 

This highlight will of course scare the life out of you! I mean who wouldn’t get scared of putting a rainbow highlighter on your cheeks?! There is two ways to go about this, I did try both ways! One of the ways you can use this is swirling all the colours together and the other is just using them separately. 

When you swirl together all of the fab rainbow colours I was super impressed to see that it actually gives a lovely golden glow and it is very wearable, in fact I have been using this a lot when I just want a subtle natural glow to my skin. This highlight is not beaming, like that’s the first thing you notice, it is more soft and a natural glow from within, which can be nice when you want a more natural makeup day. 

The other way you could use this for maybe a fancy dress, Halloween or if this is the look you want to go for, rock it! You can wear this highlight as different colours so it will look like a rainbow on your cheeks. If you can pull this rainbow look off I am very jealous of you! 

Overall I think this is an amazing fun product that it is possible to actually use and wear, of course it is just makeup, it washes off at the end of the day! I hope you enjoyed this review! Make sure you are followed to my Instagram because when I each 2K I’ll be doing a big giveaway which will be open internationally! Love you all! 





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  1. It looks soo beautiful but i dont think they have this in the U.S yet 😦

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