Review of Silicone Sponge! 

Yes you read the title correct! I am reviewing this social media craze, the Silicone Sponge! There is nothing fancy about this, it’s just a slice of Silicone which claims to apply foundation and concealer without wasting any product like the beauty sponge does. I can imagine how this does make sense, as the Silicone sponge does not require any water and would not absorb any product, however to a makeup artist or someone who appreciates how good their makeup looks, this may not be such a problem since the beauty sponge works very well. 

So first things first, when this came through the post I was very excited to try it out because I did have high hopes of this working out, the first thing I noticed was that the silicone sponge was a lot thinner than I imagined. I’m not sure if every silicone sponge is like this but mine was. The texture is very strange it kind of wrinkles when you push it together, it is just silicone! 

Now for application, I did of course use a trusted and loved foundation of mine which I know works well and applys normally great so I knew this was all just about the silicone sponge! I applied the foundation on the back of my hand and then took some on the silicone sponge and went in applying that way. First of all I tried patting the foundation around my face, this didn’t do a lot, it just stayed looking thick in one blob on my face. I then went to try and drag the product to attempt to blend it around my face but this didn’t work really because all it did was make marks in my foundation. This sponge makes applying and blending out foundation super hard! It should never be this difficult to apply foundation and get it to look lovely! I demonstrated on my sisters arm of how is dragged and made marks in the foundation and concealer instead of making it look smooth and flawless. 

Overall this seemed like such a good idea to save product and a cheaper option to beauty sponges but the fact is that it just does not apply foundation or concealer as well or as easy! This sponge just makes everything harder and I would much rather my beauty sponge soak up a little of my foundation than try to spend ages getting this silicone sponge to move and blend my foundation. This is just a soild pass from me and I would not recommend to any one!! Just invest in a beauty blender or a real techniques sponge and it will do the job amazingly and very quick! 

I hope you enjoyed this review and remember to go over to my Instagram and give me a follow because when I get to 2K I’ll be doing a big giveaway!! If you have any requests for reviews please leave a comment below! Love you all so much!! 






  1. Safeena

    Thanks for the awesome review!
    What brand did you purchase this sponge from?
    Keep up the amazing work! 😊💜👍🏽

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    1. I got this sponge from amazon 💋


  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard how great this thing was but was curious if it really could blend. I like your input!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been wondering about these…I can totally see how there could be issues blending because of the material. Thanks for giving us the heads up, girl!

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