Review of Karity Eyeshadows! 

I had never heard anything about the brand Katity before, I first saw them in an article about how they  did not spend any money on adversiting and just noticed by word of mouth! This is a very different approach to how most brands and companies get their products out in the world and I do appreciate this because it shows that they want to but the best quality into the products themselves! (This is not sponsored.) 

I purchased myself nine shadows in a variety of finishes, matte, satin and metallic. The shade names are, Daisy Chain, Toosie, INDO, Super Freak, Muzzle, Tease, Mary Jane and Diva. The two satin shades are Daisy Chain and Toosie, the matte shades are INDO, Super Freak, Muzzle and Tease, the two metallics are Mary Jane and Diva. 

First of all the satin shades, as you can see by the picture of the swatches Daisy Chain does not really show up, which I was really disappointed with! I maybe though it was just the swatch and it would look really pretty on the eyes but I was wrong, it did not give off hardly any colour or shimmer, this one is a pass for me! Toosie on the other hand is gorgeous! It reminds me of Jaclyn Hills champagne pop as a eyeshadow, I love this shade and if sprayed with Fix+ it turns a metallic like foil and looks so pretty all over the lid or even as a highlight! 

The matte colours I got are all very neautral because I prefer to work with matte shades in my crease so on my skin tone I like to work with browns and warm oranges tones. All of these shades are gorgeous! They blend so smoothly and are very buttery and creamy, everything you can ask  for from a matte shadow! I really love these matey shadows and I have been using them nearly everyday since I have got them! 

The metallic shadows in my opinion are very special!! They are super pigmented and almost foil like which to me is everything I want a metallic shadow to be! I was totally blown away with these metallic shadows, I can’t say enough good things about these! The colour stays true all day doesn’t fade in anyway and also all of these shadows do not crease on me personally, I do wear an eyeprimer but I have found some lower quality shadows do create even with a primer however these do not! Another amazing thing about these is that they are really affordable so not matter what your budget may be I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you are looking for and also some of the shadows are supposed to be a dupe for MAC shadows, I’d love to test this out unfortunalty I don’t own any, but I may contact friends that do! 

Overall I’m obsessed with these shadows, when buying anything that you haven’t tried out or tested before you do run the risk of getting something you don’t like so I’m okay that only one of these shadows didn’t work out as well as the others! These eyeshadows get a massive thumbs up from me and I would highly recommend you check them out!! I hope you enjoyed this post, please go follow my Instagram for more daily updates and also I’m very close to my 2K giveaway!! 





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