Splurge or Save?!? 

On this weeks Splurge or Save series I’ll be comparing a high end liquid lipstick to a less expensive version! I wanted to compare liquid lipsticks because at the moment they are super popular! So the two brands of liquid lipstick we’ll be comparing is NYX and Kylie Cosmetics. I also wanted to try and get two colours very similar so in the Kylie range the shade is Exposed and the NYX one is Ruffle Trim, these colours are nearly the same match the NYX one is slightly darker but still close.

Kylie Cosmetics do their liquid lipstick in kits and also singles. Her single liquid lipstick retail for $17, but this does not include shipping, also there will be added tax and duty if you are shipping internationally. This makes the cost increase a lot! So this may not seem the most expensive liquid lipstick but these added costs for international customers it is expensive, the lucky people in the USA will not have this problem.  The consistency of the Kylie liquid lipsticks are a lot thinner then others I have tried but the first noticeable thing is the overwhelming sweet scent! It is a very strong vanilla sweetness smell, they do have a stronger scent than Mac lipsticks because when you open them, you can imidiantly smell it. To me this is a draw back to them because I don’t like when any makeup products have a overwhelming scent to them, but this is personal preference! The product weighs 3.25ml/0.11 oz so this is probably an average amount of product for a liquid lipstick. The doe foot applicator is a pretty standard shape and size as well, so overall to me the packaging and applicator is very standard and basic not really anything amazing! This product it’s self though does dry down very matte, it does take a little while to dry down totally but I don’t mind this as it gives me time to work with the product and play about to get it perfect! I do really enjoy wearing these liquid lipstick apart from the scent but I do find after a while it does dull down but never complete go away, but for some this may not be a problem. 

NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick has been all over social media a lot, I have done a review about this product so I won’t really go into that much detail, if you want to find more about this product, check out the blog post I did! So this liquid lipstick retails for $7 (on the NYX website) and £6.50 (on Boot.com) so this is significantly cheaper and there is no shipping fees because this liquid lipstick can be found in store UK and USA. The weight of this product is 3.69ml/0.13 oz, so you do get slightly more product in this compared to the Kylie Cosmetics one. The doe foot applicator is also a little different it is a longer shape and also a rectangle shape and has to curve to it apart for a slight slant on one side. (In my other blog post there is a picture of the doe foot applicator.) NYX’s liquid lipstick does not have a scent to it which is very nice and gives it a bonus point compare to the Kylie one. However this one is very drying on the lips! It feel like it is sucking all the moisture from my lips! Personally I can’t wear this liquid lipstick as I feel it is way too drying on my lips, I can get away if I put a balm and then a gloss on top of it but that just defeats the point of a matte liquid lipstick. 

Overall this is a hard decion, personally I’m not a fan of the NYX Liquid Lipsticks however I don’t want to pay for a Kylie Liquod Lipstick and then added shipping but also added duty and tax so I end up paying four times the amount of the product! So I would maybe purchase a NYX liquid lipstick and try it out if you live in the UK and see if it works for you, if you live in the USA I would recommend the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick! 

So this has been a little different outcome on Splurge or Save this week! I hope you enjoyed reading this and please leave me a comment below and also go follow my Instagram, I’m nearly to 2K followers and then I’ll be revealing my giveaway! I have everything in check this time so nothing can go wrong!! Thanks for reading! 





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