Review of Essence Camouflage 2in1 Makeup and Concealer! 

I am on the hunt for a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone, is full coverage, does not break down during the day and lasts all day as well! So yes, I ask for a lot in my foundation but I think everyone should because this is the base for the rest of your makeup! It needs to be flawless so the rest of your makeup looks flawless! The sound of this foundation seemed amazing because it states it’s full coverage but without it being cakey! 

So first of all I needed to test the shades to find my colour, I went into my local drugstore where they sell Essence and I thought it was a joke that they only stocked 3 shades but I looked online and they do only sell 3 shades. This is so bad! When I was in the drugstore I was looking at two different foundations, the other one was a 16hr wear foundation, but I tested out the lightest shade, 10 Ivory, in bother foundations and the Camouflage matched my skin but the other foundation was wayyy too dark!! I was super confused so this is a MAJOR down fall here!! 

So after the drama llama in the store I got home to crack into this bad boy and see if this £3.80 foundation is the best discovery ever or just a flop! So second down fall is this foundation is in a squeeze bottle and does not have a pump, I really prefer my foundations to have a pump, but this is of course personal preference! So whenever I try a new foundation I always apply it with a beauty sponge and a brush to see which has the best application! 

Okay I applied this foundation with a beauty sponge and an artis brush multi times, I have had this product a while because it was really infuriating and you’ll find out why! So the consistency of this is super thick! Like it reminded me on the IT Cosmetics concealer, so anyway in my head I thought this was going to look better with the beauty sponge because it would sheer it out, nope I was wrong. I found that it was picking up the foundation as I was applying it but not just a little like, I had patches of bare skin on my face it was so strange, I thought it was my beauty sponge but it wasn’t I tried it many times on different days with different sponges and it did exactly the same thing! So a no from me there. With the artis brush it did do a slightly better job than the beauty sponge but it was pulling and dragging the product around which I have never found before, yet again I tried on different days, I even tried it with a kabuki brush and it pulled and dragged exactly the same! So no, it’s too hard to apply! Also it did oxidise on my face loads making the foundation too dark for my face which I was super disappointed about! 

So I wish I could have let you know about how it wore and if I lasted but I didn’t even get that far! This was such a horrible foundation but to be honest I shouldn’t my be surprised since I did not like the powder which was from the same range (didn’t realise that when I bought it.) I do love a lot of Essence products, no hate to the brand but this foundation just did not work for me! If you love this foundation you keep doing you boo! 

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Essence Camouflage 2in1 Makeup and Concealer, I was really disappointed I didn’t like this foundation, but everyone finds products they don’t like! So leave a comment below what you though and also go follow me on Instagram because I’m super close to 2K and when I’m there I’ll be revealing the GIVEAWAY! I have all the products ready to go! Let me knows if you’re from here and I’ll give you a follow and some love back! 





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