Review of MAC Cosmetics Lavender Fix +!

MAC Cosmetics is a high end brand that brings out special collections and collaborations, over the years MAC is consantly changing and improving their products and packaging to move with the trend and also they have been sneaking up their prices! So anyway this newest collection is called “Work it out”, some of the special collections don’t really take my fancy however there was one item in this collection that made me buy this straight away! The Lavender Fix+, this is just because my favourite scent is lavender! 

The only thing I do not like about this product is that it’s not in the traditional 100ml bottle! They only sell the three scents, Lavender, Rose and Coconut in the 30ml bottle, which I would use very quickly! I did have a little worry about weather or not the scent would cause irritation but it has not, I have tried this out all over the face to set makeup but also to foil shadows and it performs exactly like the original Fix+! 

Overall I love this product so much!! I only wish they did this in a larger bottle! I mean it is a special item but I think if you are a big fan of these three scents it would be great for you! I did want to make this review shorter just because yesterday’s was a very lengthy post! I hope you enjoyed reading this review on MAC Cosmetics Lavender Fix+, if you have any suggestions of reviews or any comments please feel to let me know and also make sure to follow me on Instagram for more daily updates! 





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  1. Great post:D I have the coconut one (link attached below) but the lavender one is my next buy. Also i want the rose one to have all three:O ( I FOLLOW BACK xo)

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