First Impressions of the March Glossy Box UK!

I’ve been seeing a lot of these beauty boxes around social media a lot and I never used to think they were worth the money because you only got a few sample size items for a high price. When I looked into it I was proved wrong! In the UK they have different beauty subscription boxes to the US, I have watched some youtubers unbox their American beauty boxes such as Ipsy and Boxycharm and they seem to get a variety of beauty products for a lower price. So I checked out which beauty boxes I could receive in the UK, and the one that applied to me the most was Glossy Box, I do understand that they have a US box but their products are different inside.

Inside this months Glossy Box UK was a full size Oolution Eye love, a full size Sleek MakeUp Eye and Cheek Palette in All Day Soiree 030, a 20ml/0.68oz of ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-up, a 20ml/0.67oz of Figs & Rouge Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream and lastly a 30ml/1oz of Schwarzkopf Professionla BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Brazilnut Oil Pulp Treatment. I unortuantly won’t be reviewing the Figs and Rouge day cream because I have tired this before and it did not agree with my skin and made me break out so I’ll be donating that one. Other than that this will be a first impressions of the other four products.

First of all I’ll start with the eye cream by Oolution. So this product claims to diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness and also it contains 100% natural ingredients. This product is also vegan, contains no palm oil and cruelty free. SO far this all sounds brill! The texture of this is a cream/lotion feel to it, there isn’t a very strong scent but it does have a slight smell, nothing in particular I could say it would be. The colour when comes out of the tube is white but when rubbed into the skin it becomes clear. It says you can use this product a night or on a morning, since I got it this morning I used it then. Normally on a morning I would use the Clinque Prep-Start Eye Cream. So as the product claims to “diminish dark circles” I’m not use if that means start away or over time but on first application it didn’t do a lot! I will give it this it did de-puff my eyes but nothing more than my other eye cream. It sank into the skin quickly which I thought was good because I felt like I could then just apply my makeup straight away without waiting for it to dry. Overall I will keep using this but I don’t think it would be worth the original price of £30! If you are in the market for a good eye cream I would recommend the Clinque Prep-Start Eye Cream because it does de-puff and also brighten the under eye!

Next on the list is the ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-Up, which is claims to be a mask, moisturiser and primer in one. That just seems crazy to me! I can’t get my head around how one product could be all these three things, but I’m always intrigued to try new things! This product claims to plump, brightening, reduce redness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and also leaving the skin radiant. That is a lot of claims! It is also reported that Victoria Beckham uses and loves this product, to me that doesn’t mean anything, but everyone is different! The product comes out of the tube white but when rubbed into the skin becomes clear, it’s very thick in consistency. This cream does have a scent and I really do not like it! It’s kind of floral but also smells of sun cream but a horrible one! When the cream is rubbed it it leaves a greasy texture, I don’t mind if a primer is tacky but this is not it just feels greasy on the face. I did not notice any plumping, firmness or basically any of the claims this product has and also I felt like my makeup was slipping about on top of it and making my foundation patchy! (I did use a foundation, powder and concealer I use and love on a daily basis and I know they work!) Overall I really do not like this product, I may try it once more but I don’t have high hopes, I’ll most likely donate this to a friend or family member for them to try.

The most exciting thing in the Glossy Box was this full size Sleek MakeUp Eye and Cheek palette! I already own a few Sleek products and y favourite is the Sleek Highlight Palette in Solsitce (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know how much I love it!) SO I did have high hopes for this product even though I have never tried their shadows before I kinda just wanted it to be good! So this is supposed to provide all your colour essentials in one easy compact. This contains four shadows and two blushes. I do think these types of palettes are a really good idea for the everyday woman who doesn’t have a lot of time on the morning and maybe not a lot of space! So I opened up the compact and the first thing I see is this bright babydoll pink, in my head I’m think oh no! Anyway there is two warmer shadows, one a orange/peachy matte and the other a peach shimmer. The other two shadows are cooler tones, an icy shimmer and a cool toned brown. It does say on the packaging there is two blushes in this but to me there is one blush and one highlight because the other shade is a straight shimmer in a champagne colour, this is actually even nicer than the two blush ideas, I do think that needs to be mentioned on the packaging though. So I’ve said all the good things about this and that’s about it, now I did wear this all day today and I got to say there is much better out there! First of all when I was putting the shadows on I wasn’t that impressed with the pigment it was kind of just average to me, I think if you are a makeup collector you’ll already have these shades in your collection and to be honest all of them didn’t really work well together. In the end it did look pretty and girly but I thought I could have achieved this with any of my other palettes and I would not have worked as hard to blend which I had to with these shadows. The pink blush in this compact is terrible! It’s chalky it has glitter in it making it chunky and when on the face it won’t blend out and so hard to apply, also it kicked off so much powder, it was just not worth the bother! The other so called blush in this palette is also terrible, there is just no pigmentation and it’s very hard in the pan I did not like this at all! Overall this compact is a pass and to be honest I won’t be reaching for this and in my head I do think I may give this away to my sister who does like that natural girly look.

Lastly is the Brazilnut Pulp Treatment, I unfortunately have not had a try of this yet, just because I did want to get this first impressions up today since I have not posted in a while but I will tell you a bit about the product. SO The sample size comes in a jar and I was just expecting it to be like a thicker conditioner like most of the other hair treatments but surprisingly this one has gritty bits in, it feels very much like an exfoliate which is interesting. It smells really good, kind of a fresh scent but also like a spa! ON the back of my hand it has made my hand super soft so I’ll be interested to try this out and I’ll let you know on Instagram if this is any good or not so make sure you follow me there to find out more!

I hope you all enjoyed my First Impressions on the Glossy Box UK, this was my first box from there and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy most of the products but I guess I was just unlucky this time. It is a part of getting these beauty box subscriptions trying new different products that you wouldn’t normally get to either discover something you love or hate! I will have another episode of my series Splurge or Save up this week and it is a good one, little hint, it’s all about the glow!






  1. That’s sad the palette was disappointing! The shades are so pretty! xx, Britta & Carli from

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  2. It seems like a great subscription box to me:)

    P.s. I also have a high end beauty giveaway on: (& follow back) xo

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