Review of Morphe Liquid Lipsticks! 

I ordered two Morphe Liquid Lipsticks back when they first launched in January because I was super excited about them, like everyone was, this was a little difficult for me because I live in the U.K. so the shipping does take longer and also you have the added cost of customs tax! (What a pain!) Unfortunately my parcel got lost when it arrived to the U.K. but I’m very pleased to say that both FedEx and Morphe were very helpful in sorting out a replacement parcel and also because I had payed customs the first time to make sure this was not charged again, so overall my experience with Morphe customer service was excellent, the replies were a little slow but that is to be expected with such a big company! 

The two shades I got are Virgin and Morphe, of course Virgin is a standard nude colour which I’m always attracted too and Morphe is a red colour with blue undertones in which on my skin tone is the most flattering shade of red! I got the red shade because it’s out of my comfort zone and also because I don’t have a red liquid lip in my collection. I was super excited when these came in the mail it was like Christmas had come all over again! When I posted these on Instagram I had loads of request to do a review of them and here it is! I know it has been a while in the making but I wanted to but these through the test and get the most accurate and honest review I could! (Also look for faults!) I had been looking around YouTube and blogs and to be honest I have not seen many people talking about them, I have seen a few youtubers mention them but not like a dedicated video or anything. 

So the packaging is nice and sleek, just in their standard black packaging with the red and white Morphe logo, but also for an added touch there is a band at the top with the corasponding colour, this is most likely for identification. The tube it’s self is rather large compared to other liquid lipsticks I have, and I really enjoy this just because you do get more product in the tube and also it’s not a challenge to find in my purse. The formula and consistency for both the liquid lipsticks are the same, they are slightly on the thick side, but not whipped, still a liquid. Both of of them swatches beautifully, full of pigment and very rich! They dried on the back of my hand nicely, not too fast but it did not take ages which I like because it allows time to move the product about. 

So first one I’ll talk about is “Morphe” this is a gorgeous red as I have already mentioned, I first tried applying this without a lipliner to test if it will bleed or feather. The liquid lipstick applied very lovely, not patchy at all! I however did find not long after application it did start to bleed around my lips and start to feather a little, but this is expected with a darker colour without a lip liner. When this liquid lip is paired with a liner it performs fantastic! It stays on for a very long time, it can deal with eating meals, I noticed if you eat oily foods it can come off a little but that is to be expected, overall I love this colour and I think it’s a perfect signature red and I’ll be wearing it a lot! 

“Virgin” is the traditional nude colour, I love and gravitate towards nude colours because I know they will always look good on my skin tone! This colour is very opaque and a classic, unlike the red there is no feathering or bleeding! It does last a very long time just like the red shade, likewise it does come off a little when eating oil foods. 

I am totally in love with these liquid lipstick and I would highly recommend them if you are a fan of liquid lipsticks because they are  lower in price and perform fantastic! I also think the shade range is brilliant and if it wasn’t such a fuss to get them shipped I would totally get more, hopefully they will become available on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty where I normally purchase my Morphe products! 

I hope you liked this review of the Morphe Liquid Lipsticks, I know this has been highly requested so it’s finally here!! Please leave a comment below if you have tried these or any other products you would like to see a review of please let me know or follow me on Instagram and let me know there! 





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  1. That nude color looks gorgeous! I have to try these out. Loved your post! 🙂

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