Review of Urban Decay Primer Potion! 

So you’re probably thinking, damn this is a strange makeup product to be reviewing, and yes you are correct but OMG this product is life changing! I don’t say that lightly either, you should know by now that I can be harsh on products and I’ll speak my mind, I want to give you 100% honest reviews to build up trust and a community! 

Before I discovered this eye primer I used to just use my concealer and then set with a powder, this was good for intensifying the colour of the shadows but during the day it would crease and smudge a lot. I was then sick of this happening so I looked into good eye primers and I discoved this one, I already love the majority of Urban Decay’s products so I thought why not, it may be good. The first one I bought must have been 2/3 years ago and I kept the tube because it reminds me to repurchase items. So you can see the comparison between the packageing  2/3 years ago and now. It’s changed a lot and I think for the better! 

So first of all I much prefer the doe foot applicator on the new packaging because it means you’re not wasting any of the product because I can remember I did find that if I squeezed it too much, I was wasting a lot of the product. I did also realise that you get slightly less product in the new packaging but not a major difference. 

With this primer you don’t need a lot of product because it does go a long way! If you have oily skin or oily eyelids this will be your new best friend because it will  mattify them without needing any powder. The primer will also not let oil through all day long! Even if you don’t have oil skin or eyelids I still think everyone would love this eye primer just because of how vibrant it makes the shadows look, as you can see by the photo below, it makes everything blend smoothly! This product also keeps all kinds of shadows locked into place all day without any creasing at all! If I don’t put this primer on first my shadows crease straight away no matter what I’m using so this eye primer is a life saver! 

If you have the same problem with either creasing, fading, smudging or oiliness I would highly recommend picking up this primer, if you don’t want to commit to a full size, they do have a travel size available which I think is an amazing idea because you can really test it out and decide if you like it or not! 

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Urband Decay Primer Potion, I do realise that I haven’t posted all weekend, this was just because I’ve been very busy because my Mam has been moving so it’s been chaotic! You can follow me on Instagram for more daily updates and see other products I’m loving and not loving. 





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