Review on Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss! 

This Gen Nude Buttercream lipgloss is the very first item I have purchased from Bare Minerals, to be honest I have never really heard anything about the brand and it never really caught my eye in the shops. In my head I just thought they did powder makeup which I’m not a real big fan off but after I watched one of Jaclyn Hills videos were she was raving about this lipgloss, I of course had to go out and pick this up! 

So to my knowledge Bare Minerals have recently launched this Gen Nude collection which consists of lipglosses, liquid lipsticks, lipsticks and lip liners. All the colours are nudes and they range from a very pale shade to a rosy pink to a mauve nude. Personally I think they have done a fantastic job on this collection because everyone no matter their skin tone will be able to find their perfect nude shade in three formulars and a lipliner to match! I was not aware until after I bought the gloss that there was such a huge collection and the variety, so I’m pleasantly surprised! 

I got the shade Cosmic as it’s a nude with rose undertones and I thought it would be very flattering for everyday wear and also it does match my natural lip colour very nicely! The consistency of this gloss is heavenly!! It’s not sticky at all and does not glue the lips together like other glosses it stays looking high shine and gorgeous! The pigmentation is outstanding I was SHOOK! I never expected this gloss to have such incredible pigment, honestly with a lot of glosses you have to wear a lipstick underneath this but my goodness you can wear this gloss on it’s own and you are set to go! I would highly recommend these glosses to everyone and I’m positive you will be able to find your perfect nude from their range! I’m not sure about the other formulars since I haven’t tried them but I think I will be going back to get the others in the Gen Nude collection! 

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream gloss, I’m a huge fan of glossy lips just because I think they make the lips lol more plumper and juicy but every one has a personal preference! Comment on this post what you think and also follow me on Instagram for more updates! 





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