Review of The Nubian 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place! 

The Juvia’s Place palettes had been floating around social media a lot in 2016 and this year as well because of it’s quirk and unique looks. I have heard mixed reviews on these palettes, some people says they are gorgeous very pigmented however I have heard reviews saying they didn’t like them and found them chalky! So of course I’ll give you a every honest review because in the beauty community there is so many sponsored posts, afflicated codes ect. which can effect their opinion and a lot of people especially me find it hard to trust that opinion. I can tell you honestly now I will always and forever give me honest opinion and review of a product! If I think it’s terrible, I’ll tell you it’s terrible, if I think it’s the best product on the earth, I’ll tell you it’s the best product in the world! 

So back to the shadows, at first looking at these eyeshadows they are very bright and vibrant, something I’m personally not that into but I think it is always good to step outside of your conifers zone! I did notice however there is some good neautral shades in here for transition colours, although what I like in a palette is a cream or peach colour as a base for the shadows which this palette doesn’t, but it’s not the end of the world. 

The Nubian 2 Palette had four matte shadows and eight shimmers. The consistency of the matte shadows is vey good, they are all creamy and not patchy at all which is very great because normally there is one or two that don’t meet the standards of the others but in this palette that is not the case! 

The shimmers in the palette to me are very special! Some of them are a very basic shimmer but if sprayed with a little MAC Fix + it does go very metallic and shiny which personally I love a shimmer to be! The others shimmers, as you can see from the swatches, are already very metallic and kind of wet looking which I find gorgeous! So I was super impressed with these shadows! I actually do really enjoy this palette and because the quality is AMAZING it’s made me step out of my comfort zone and add more pops of colours to my makeup looks! 

I hope you have enjoyed my review of The Nubian 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place, I really do enjoy this palette and if you are looking for a fun vibrant palette but still wearable I would highly recommend this palette! Comment on this post if you have any products of Juvia’s Place and what you think about it and also follow me on Instagram to keep unpdated! 





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