Review of NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette! 

So last week I ordered a few different products from NYX, I’ve never actually used anything by NYX Cosmetics before so I wanted to get a wide range of products, one of them was this cream highlight and contour palette. This palette does come in three different shades, I purchased the Light shade. The palette does come with a matte contour shade, a matte yellow toned highlight and a shimmer pink toned highlight shade. 

First of all, I expect from a cream palette like this to be very blendable on the skin and on top of foundation! I also want to be able to use cream contour and highlight shades with a beauty sponge but also a brush. For the finish I do want coverage from the cream products, also for them to last all day and to not move about on the skin during the day. This NYX palette did not do any of these things! I really wanted to love this product so much because it’s got a great price tag on and I was so sad that this was terrible! I tried it so many ways as I’ll tell you but it’s made me sad! 

The contour shade in this palette looked a lovely shade, not too cool toned so I did have high hopes for the this, I then went to swatch it and in the pan this cream was really hard and felt like it could be a powder! I had to swirl my finger around a lot in the pan to warm the cream to get some pay off and I swatched it and was disappointed it’s just not creamy which it’s supposed to be! I then went to try to pick some product up with my beauty sponge, that just didn’t work, nothing happened, I then went and tried to apply it with a brush which kinda worked but when I went to blend the product out in my face (I tried it twice bare skin and foundation) this contour just disappeared, it left no colour, nothing! I was getting so frustrated because I thought I was doing it wrong or something, I then went online to see what others were saying and someone said to try mixing in a beauty oil. If I had oily skin this would be a no go! However I do have normal to dry skin so I gave it dry, all it did was make it a bit greasy but didn’t effect it any other way! 

The yellow toned highlight shade was the most disappointing for me because in my head I thought this would be fantastic to brighten up the cheek area and near the under eye section of the face. When I first swatched this cream is came off very hard but also patchy and uneven! When on the face this looked horrific, it exaggerates pores, wrinkles and texture! The products moves about and clings to dry patches leaving it uneven and then if you keep blending it just disappears! I just couldn’t belive how disgusting it looked, I tried applying it so many different ways as well, fingers, beauty sponge, a brush and with oil but none of them made any difference! 

The last cream in the palette is the shimmer which on the packageing is meant to highlight the high point is the face which is a great idea to have in this kit! Only if it worked though! Yet again when it was swatched it was patchy and uneven, to be honest it didn’t have a great deal of shimmer in either. This did the same thing as the yellow toned highlight it clung to dry patches and didn’t move about great and when blended it just vanished! When it was on the face it did not look like a cream highlight there was just not enjoying shimmer in there to be noticeable! 

I was so disappointed with this NYX palette, I really wanted it to work because it would have been an amazing dupe for the ABH cream contour palette. Overall this was not a good product at all for me,  if you have this product and like it please leave in the comments or contact me on Instagram and tell me your secret!! 

I hope you liked this review of the NYX cream highlight and contour palette, this was a bit of a different review because it was about a product I didn’t like. I will be doing a blog post once a week in my new series Splurge or Save and I’m really excited about this weeks, and I think everyone will like it as well! Give this this post a like and comment if you enjoyed it and go follow me on Instagram for more updates and other makeup products! 






  1. it’s interesting to see a “negative” review of a product (especially from a name company like NYX) because you don’t see those often. thanks for sharing xx

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  2. I was just looking at this today and I see your review on it, surprised to see it doesn’t work.

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