Splurge or Save!

I’ve decided to do a new series on my blog about comparing lower priced items to more expensive ones, in the makeup world these are called dupes. I’m going to put to the test if it is worth the money for the expensive item or if it’s better to save your pennies and opt for the dupe. To kick off the series I’m going to compare Benefits Hoola Bronzer and Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. I’m going to be really harsh with this series and get right down to the fine little details!

Lets start with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, retailing at the price of £24.50 and $29.00 (prices from the official benefit website). This bronzer comes in a square box decorated with the theme of a tropical holiday and also inside it does have a small square mirror which is always a bonus. The material of the box is made from sturdy cardboard which is very unique! The shape of the pan is square unlike most products that normally come as a circle which makes this another unique point to the product. The weight of the Benefit Hoola bronzer is 8.0g and 0.28 oz. A lot of bronzers normally come in a larger pan and consist of more product which this doesn’t and I’m not sure why, maybe to reduce the actual size of the whole packaging. The actual colour of this bronzer is a very universal shade because it doesn’t have too much warmth to it but also at the same time not being overly cool toned, it’s a very soft texture so when applied to the face it can blend out very easily giving the appearance of a sun kissed glow. Personally I love this bronzer so much and it was in fact the very first product from Benefit I bought and have repurchased many times. The wear time for the bronzer is very good and it dos not fade during the day and stays looking as good as it did at the start of the day. According to statistic Hoola bronzer is the number one selling bronzer in the UK. The only “fault” I would have about this product is the packaging, to me it’s hard to get a big fluffy brush into the cardboard box but this is a personal preference and also I’m being very picky but that is what the series is all going to be about.

The Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing powder retails at £3.00 and $4.99. I understand in the USA the packaging and the names are a bit different but essentially the same, this bronzer does come in two shade, a light one (the one I have) and a darker one. The packaging for this bronzer is quite basic but then again you can’t expect anything more with the price you pay. I would have really liked a mirror inside of the lid but for a cheaper product the packaging is sturdy and it does the job by protecting the product. The weight of this bronzer is 15g and 0.52 oz so it a lot bigger than the Hoola Bronzer, nearly double the size even though the Hoola Bronzer is eight times the price. The actual pan size is very large like the majority of bronzers so I am able to get a larger brush in there which of course I have already mentioned I do like. The colour of this bronzer is a little lighter than the Hoola Bronzer, it may also have more warmth in it but I wouldn’t say too much, it also don’t have a lot of redness in which can make the face look irritated but it’s not muddy either. I would say this is another great colour as far as bronzers go, I think it is great that there is a light and darker shade so it’s accessible to wider skin colours. This bronzer applies to the face gorgeously, unlike other cheaper bronzers it is not patchy or hard to blend, in fact it is easy to blend on the face and it does give you a lovely tanned glowing look which is what you expect from a bronzer. Another point is the wear time, the bronzer wears great, it doesn’t fade during the day, it does stay put and also it doesn’t do anything weird with your powder or even bunch up on your face, it stays lovely and fresh.

So overall after comparing the two high end and low end bronzers I do think both these products are great in their own unique way, honestly I can hardly fault them as makeup products go so this is a hard one! I will say however I think it’s worth saving the money and buying this £3.00 or $4.99 bronzer because it’s brill, yeah the colour is slightly different from Hoola but it works the same way and applies identically so I don’t see why spend £24.50 or $29.00 on a bronzer when there is a nearly identical cheaper option! Of course this is all my own opinion and you known yourself what you like and don’t, if some products don’t work for you then that’s okay, everyone is different!

I hope you enjoyed this new series I’ll be doing on my blog about comparing high and low end products, I you ave any suggestions about producst I should compare or any you would like me to find an alternative please leave me a comment on this post or send me a direct message on instagram or even email me and this can be found on my instagram as well- themakupjunkie1



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  1. I have to pick up that Essence bronzer! So glad you’re starting this series because I love learning about new dupes!

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