Review of Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette! 

I absolutely love highlight! Anything that makes my face glow and gives that youthful look to the skin, it’s a gorgeous look and whatever age you are you can wear highlight, it’s just about finding the right one! I’ve been seeing this highlight palette around for a while and I have never been able to get my hands on it because it has been constantly sold out in my local drugstores. I believe now they do two other shades of these highlighting palettes which I love because it gives more variety and accommodates more skin tones even though personally o think this palette would suit all skin tones! 

I have used all these hightlighters in this palette and I do have my favourites! The first shade is the top left called Ecliptic, this is the only cream highlight in Thai palette which I actually love that there is a cream mixed in with the powder because you can use a cream highlighter and a powder highlight on top for that extra extra glow! Back to Ecliptic, this cream highlight is a champagne/gold colour and personally I find this a very flattering shade for all skin tones. This cream highlight feels kind of hard in the pan but when you blend on to the skin is softens and dispersers a long way. I personally use this highlight for under the brow, the inner corner and down the bridge of the nose. 

The next shade is the top right called Hemisphere. At first look this highlight shade scared me, I was like nope, this is going to look horrific all the other shades are lovely and then there is this strange purple. When I swatched this I thought my heart had stopped! I was so wrong about this being horrible and purple! The best way to describe the colour is a very icy and frosty, this shade would look stunning on very fair people but yet again it would suit all skin tones. This highlight is a very “Instagram glow” look, it is bright and striking on the cheeks and a little goes a long way because it’s so insanely pigmented! It does have a slight purple hue to it but personally not noticeable when worn on the high points of the face it just gives that poppin highlight and looks stunning in selfies! 

The third shade in the bottom left is called Subsolar, this is the lightest shade in the palette and has a very yellow based hue to it in the pan but when swatched it, it still does have a little yellow to it but more of a golden gold. Out of the four hightlers in the palette I would personally say this one is the most subtle in the palette because Subsolar has a soft texture to it and slightly less pigmented which why I personally love this highlight for when I’m after a natuarl look but still want to look glowly and youthful! 

Last but not least the bottom right shade in this gorgeous platte is called Equinox, in the pan this shade looks very gold and kind of orange undertoned however when this shade is swatches it appears more champagne and gold colour, personally to me this looks like a powder version of the cream shade in the palette which is a very clever idea if you want to layer the cream and powder highlight. This shade is very flattery just like the cream highlight to alll skin tones and will make the skin glow and because it’s a champagne colour it will make the skin look very healthy and youthful! 


All these highlights in this palette wear beautifully on the skin and don’t fade during the day and they stay very bright and glowing! I can’t believe this highlight palette is only £9.99 because all four of these perform and wear like high end luxury highlighters! I would totally recommend this product to everyone because I honestly think no matter what skin tone you are you would find these gorgeous! 

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Sleek Highlight Palette in Solstice! If this helped you in either your purchases or it I just entertained you please let me know because I love to read your comments! Also if you want more makeup and products I’m loving or hating follow me on Instagram for more! 





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  1. ecliptic looks gorgeous 💖 I’ll be trying this, thanks for sharing xx

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