Review of Zoeva Brush Set! 

I love anything to do with rose gold, well actually just anything that’s shiny and sparkly! I’ve never tested out Zoeva brushes before but I have heard various different options and reviews about them and majority are positive, so of course I was optimistic. To be honest I didn’t think for one minute that I wasn’t going to like these brushes just because it takes a lot to fail at producing makeup brushes. 

When the brushes came in the post they arrived very quickly which I was pleased with because I hate waiting for anything! The brushes were packed inside this gorgeous brown leather bag with a rose gold zip and on the front there is a rose gold Zoeva logo on the front. The brushes themselves came packaged in a plastic brush cover to protect the hairs and also a cellephane pocket that held the entire brush, so they were well protected and packaged which is always a bonus! I did also have some help while unpacking these brushes from two gorgeous girls who are my sisters who wanted to be mentioned in this blog post and these brushes get their approval as well! 

The set I have is the 15 piece rose gold volume 1, I do believe they have a wide variety of sets available, such as specific ones for the eyes and lots more which I love! Every single ones of these brushes as super soft and very well cut which just makes me so happy because you don’t want to be putting a hard and scratchy brush on your face because for one it will hurt and two it just won’t blend out you makeup as flawlessly as a softer brush! 

These brushes are hands down absolutely amazing and also they look stunning! I think if you are in the market for luxury brushes these are for you! It is true that there will be cheaper alternative such as Morphe Brushes or Real Techniques but I think you don’t get the luxury value as you do with the Zoeva brushes! It would be a purchase that you would need to save up for but it would last you a lifetime because of the quality of the brush hairs! (As long as you take care of them!) 

I hope you enjoyed this review about the Zoeva Brush Set! I do love writing these reviews and the responses of everyone on here and Instagram is absolutely amazing and I never expected this much love! I would also like to mention my sisters in this blog post as they were very excited about this and also helped me with photos and unpacking! 






  1. Jessica

    Omg those are so gorgeous! I don’t know what it is – when I used to like to draw, I thought nice paper was gorgeous 😂

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  2. I have been eyeing up at set of these brushes they are gorgeous! Great post xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. missmooregrae

    These are amazing brushes! Thank you! x

    Liked by 1 person

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