Review of Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask! 

I got this sample size of the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing mask when I ordered another mask which I adore from Elemis, and if this skincare review does well I may post about the other mask from Elemis which I am totally in love with! 

I’ve never used this mask before until this week, so I didn’t know what to expect! I normally look at the ingredients to get some idea of what the mask will do or the kind of results I’ll look for. This masks claims to refine and smooth the skins surface, leaving the skin shine free and more radiant. That last statement confused me because how can your skin look radiant but shine free? Isn’t that just about the same thing? The texture of this mask is a gel formula which has a yellow hue to it and applied very smoothly to the skin. 

As soon as you apply this mask this cooling, minty and tingly feeling hits you! If you do not like that tingling feeling when you put a mask on, DO NOT BUY THIS! I don’t mind it to a certain extent, if it disappears within a couple of minutes that’s okay for me. This mask didn’t do that, this cooling minty feeling was there all the time I had this mask on! It felt like I had just applied tooth paste all over my face, I did not like the feeling of this mask at all! I was so happy to wash it off! 

When you wash this mask off, I was expecting the tingly and cold feeling to go away but no! My face still felt cold and minty and it also was making my eyes water, it just was not a nice feeling at all, for me personally! If you like this type of feeling or mask this would be a great for you! I did really like the results of this mask it did make my skin look less congested and youthful but I just personally can not get away with this horrible cold and tingly feeling! If you’re wondering why it’s a minty feeling, I looked at the ingredients to see what could be causing this and there is menthol in this mask. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and it was something different because it was a skin care item and also a product I was not a massive fan of. 





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