Beauty Blender VS Real Techinques Sponge! 

There are so many brands out there who are producing dupes of the beauty blender, and if you are a fan of applying makeup with a damp sponge you will have probably tested out a few dupes like I have! 

Some of the cheaper dupes such as a beauty sponge from primark or pound shops are cheaply made representing the price and also does not blend and work as well as some of the higher priced dupes. 

Personally I think the biggest competition for the beauty blender is the sponge by real techniques!  The two sponges have a different shape from each other, the beauty blender has the original egg shape and the real techniques is a similar egg shape at one end but at the other is it slanted and has a flat edge. 

The biggest similarity is the texture of both these beauty sponges, which makes them very unique and stand out from the cheaper dupes. They both when damp expand and almost double in size, because of the material and technology too produce these sponges the makeup does not sink in as much as you would expect making for a better and smoother foundation or concealer application! 

For which one I think is better, personally I love the shape of the real techniques sponge! I think it is down to personal preference depending on your makeup needs and possibly skin type. I think determining which beauty sponge works for you is a trial and error process which is what I went through until I fell in love with the real techniques sponge! I do also use the beauty blender but I do mostly reach for the real techinques one! 

I hope you enjoyed my little review and comparison of these beauty sponges and that this has either helped you or entertained you! 





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