Review on Pressed Glitter Pigment! 

As soon as I saw these on Instagram I went to the website and ordered the complete set because they looked so magical and sparkly! I got this palette and the pressed glitter from Prima Makeup, I was surprised to see that the price of a complete set was not expensive and reasonably priced! 

These glitters are very special and unlike other glitters which come in a pot these do not need glitter glue, every single one of these are high quality, true to the colour and of course very sparkly! These are not for the faint hearted when it comes to glitter! 

The best way I found to apply these glitters is using a finger because a brush does not pick up all of the glitter and the gel/glue that holds it together. I find patting the glitter on the eyelid is the best way for the most effective and beautiful look on the eye, you do need to keep the eye close just for a little while while the glitter dries but you need to do that anyway with any glitter/glue. 

I noticed with the pressed glitter it minimises glitter getting all over the face when applying and also there is no risk of spilling which I have done in the past! This glitter does stay on the eyelid all through the day and I would go even a bit further to say it is long-lasting! The colour range is gorgeous there is some “neutral” tones and also the brighter ones as well so you do get a wide range with the full set. 

As you can see from the swatches they are all high shine and glittery! None of these pressed glitters are patchy and not streaky or a weird consistency. They do feel similar to gel texture almost silicone like with glitter mixed into it. I would highly recommend this glitter pigments to anyone who loves glitter and anything sparkly! 

I hope you enjoyed my review of this product and found it helpful or just entertaining! I must find some products to do a negivatibe review on because I’m just making people spend money! 






  1. these look amazing! Does the glitter go everywhere when applying it?

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    1. No that’s the amazing thing about them!

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