Review of Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo! 

I did plan on writing a different blog post today but I’ll post that tomorrow because I had to post this one as soon as I could due to being so shocked and stunned with the Aussie Dry Shampoo! 

This product caught my eye for several reasons, first of all because I love the Aussie shampoo and conditioner line, second the scent of Aussie products is amazing, and third because I had never seen this before! I was also totally shocked by the price as well because it was so cheap, I was expecting it to be more pricey than what it was, £3.99. 

Personally I hate when dry shampoos leave a white cast in my hair because I have very dark brown hair and I want the richness of the brown not to fade. I also don’t like a dry and horrible texture to a dry shampoo, yes I am very picky and expect a lot! 

When I first sprayed this, I tested it on my hand spraying it about 30cm away and this normally shows if the product will leave a white cast or not, this didn’t! I got really excited then and started spraying it on the roots of my hair, and it did not leave any white cast or dull the colour of my hair which I was so impressed with! The scent does smell like the other Aussie products but mixed with a hairspray smell as well. The dry shampoo also doesn’t leave my hair feeling crispy or any other weird texture which I loved! When I brushed my hair through it looked like freshly washed clean hair which smelt divine, I truely fell in love with this product at first use! I would recommend this to everyone! 

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Aussie Mircale Dry Shampoo and it helped you in some way or you just enjoyed reading it. Follow me Instagram for more daily updates and other products that I’m loving and hating. 





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