Review of Maybelline Fit Me! 

I picked up this foundation originally because I love the concealer so much and use it on a day to day basis so it made sense to me to try out the foundation. I’ll apologise now that I don’t have swatches for this foundation because I’m not actually at home writing this but when I get home I will post them on my Instagram if you want to follow me there to stay updated! 

First of all I noticed on the tube it says for normal to oily skin and also that it is a matte finish and reduces the appearance of pores. My skin is not oily at all, I personally go from normal to dry, however I do like sometimes to got for a matte finish. I picked up the lightest shade in my drugstore which is 105 Natural Ivory. So I went to look online to find out if there is any lighter shades and I found out that there is another Fit Me in a glass container. I’m not sure what the difference between them is, if you know let me know by commenting on this post! It looks like there is a wider shade selection in the glass container foundation than the tube. I got these images from google. 

When I first started playing with this foundation I applied it with an artis brush to one half of my face and a beauty blender on the other, I say a big difference between the two sides. The side I used the artis brush was very matte straight away but I was still able to move the product around and blend it still which was usual because most matte foundation you have to wait a little for them to dry. The beauty blender though give the foundation a glowy look to t and was not matte at all, and stayed that way through the day! 

This foundation has a nice coverage to it, meaning that you could apply a little for a sheer look or it is possible to build the foundation up for a fuller coverage, I would recommend being careful though with building it up just because with t being a matte foundation it won’t be very hard for it to look cakey. 

The only negative thing I do have against this foundation is this was the lightest shade in this range and I can go from being fair ( which I am now) to very tanned. I wasn’t impressed with the darkness of this foundation and also it did oxide and I found that I had to apply a lot lighter concealer for this foundation to be wearable which my skin tone at the moment. If I had a little bit more colour this would have been fine but I really do not like when foundations oxide, this is just my personal opinion because when I pick my shade I’m not thinking about if it will get darker when applied. 

I’m very sorry I didn’t have swatches for this blog post but I do promise to post them on my Instagram- themakeupjunkie1 – I hope you enjoyed ready this review and found it helpful in some way! 






  1. We love this foundation too!!!

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  2. I love this foundation, I find it to be a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked!!

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