Review of Kat Von D! 

In this blog post I’ll be reviewing the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder and the Shade and Light Palette. I’m reviewing both these products together because they are both Powder products but personally I use them in conjunction with each other. 

First of all is the Lock It Setting Powder in Translusant. Some of the time with translusant powder there is a tendency to get a white cast on the face and that is the first thing I look for when testing out a powder, and this setting powder left no white cast at all, it is truly translusant and does not alter the colour of either foundation or concealer underneath. Another factor is how long this powder stays in place for and I do find with a lot of other powders that is does wear and break down during the day but when I’ve been wearing this powder I did noticed it lasted a bit longer and didn’t need as many touch ups as I normally would which I was pleasantly surprised at! What I personally use this setting powder for is to bake my under eye area and also my t-zone. This by far has been the best powder I have used to bake with and I’m totally in love! 

The Shade and Light Palette is a standard highlight and contour palette with 3 highligh shades in and 3 contour shades. For me personally I love how there is a different range of shades because my skin colour can range from very white pale to a dark brown golden tan so it allows me to get more use out of it. If you are someone who just needs one contour Shade and one highlight powder this may be a waste of your pennies. I think though that the powders in this palette are so buttery and creamy they blend gorgeously on the skin for that flawless look! I personally like to bake with the setting powder and wide away the back with Lucid and Lyric and when I’m more tanned I use Levitation. The swatches show the different ranges of the colours in the palette some have cool under tones and some have warm so it can be very versatile. 


Overall I think the Kat Von D products are very good and the quality is outstanding! I know in the past there has been speculation about this brand but I’m just someone who loves makeup and I don’t like to listen to gossip! 

Hope you all liked my review and helped you in some way, shade or form! I must apologise for not posting for a couple of days but I will be posting more regularly next week! 






  1. I love Kay Von D. She is an amazing woman, and her cosmetic products are amazing !!
    I love your blog ! 🖤

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  2. One of our fave palettes! Such sturdy packaging too! xx, Britta & Carli from

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