Review of IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream! 

Reviewing foundations take a little longer to fully get an option of them because they may effect the skin after using them more than once, which I have found with previous foundations. 

When I first opened the packaging it looks you would have to squeeze out the product from the tube which personally I don’t like, however I was pleasantly surprised when I took the top off and I saw a pump in the end of the tube. The consistency of the cream is very thick which was to be expected because it does state that it is full coverage. The packaging also claimed to be colour correcting, hence the CC cream in the name of the product, also the product states to be anti-aging and hydrating. 

I would agree with the majority of the statements that the product claims to be, I do personally find it cancels out my redness on my face and the few sun spots I have. I do find the CC cream to be hydrating but not so much that it gives the face an oily look to it. The only statement I can’t really say I found was the anti-aging just because I don’t have a lot of wrinkles or agenmarks to prove that statement but maybe over time with use it may improve the look of skin. 

I tested out numerous ways of applying this CC cream and I swatches them for you too see which one you would prefer. If you want the most coverage from the product I would recommend an Artis brush or any dense packed brush where the product won’t sink into the bristles. For a sheer coverage, I would recommend using clean fingers, spelling it this way will spread the product around thinning it out leaving a lovely glow to the skin with slight coverage. I noticed when applying this in different ways that a foundation brush and a beauty blender both applied the CC cream as a medium to buildable too full coverage which if that is your preferred method of application you can still achieve a full coverage look or a sheer coverage. 

Personally I did think this CC cream wore lovely all day long, it didn’t start to break up on my skin or melt away in the humidity, it did do a good job of staying put. I would say if you have oily skin you would most likely need to touch up during the day with powder as the oil may show a little through out the day. 

I hope you enjoyed this review of the IT Cosmetics CC+ cream and I hope it helped you with your purchases or was just entertaining for you! 





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