Review of Too Faced Chocolate Bar! 

I think everyone and their mother has this eyeshadow palette, however I’m still going to review it just for those who are interested or for those who are skeptical about buying this, it may just help you! 

First of all I think Too Faced do an amazing job on the packaging of all their products, this one in particular really amuses me just because I think it’s a fantastic idea that the packaging looks like a chocolate bar when the shadows are actually infused with cocoa. I started to swatch the shadows for this blog post and I wasn’t sure if I was going to use them just because they don’t show off the shadows as well as they do on the eyes which is strange because normally the swatches look better than blended on the eye. 

When you first look at the palette you clearly see that you get 2 larger pans of what I would say is the colours you would normally use most of which I think is a great idea so that you don’t run out of them as quick. The first row of the palette contains- gilded ganache, white chocolate, milk chocolate, black forest truffle and triple fudge. The 2 metallic shades in the first row are very glittery and kinda chunky when swatches but honestly when I applied these 2 shades to my lid, they both looked stunning and blended evenly and effortlessly! I also found if you want that foiled effect with these shadows, sprits with a little MAC Fix+ and they both look gorgeous! The matte shades in the first row are lovely, now however when I was doing the swatches for this post I noticed that the last shade, the dark brown matte looks kinda patchy and uneven but I never found that using this shade because I used this shadow in nearly every makeup look I did with this palette so I was surprised at this. 

The second row of the palette to me is half neautral and half colourful which I like it’s a good idea to mix the colours in with the neautral/transition shadows. In this row there is 3 mattes and 3 shimmers, personally to me I think what makes this palette special amoungst other reasons is the equal mix between matte and shimmer shades, but all the difference in shimmer. The shades in this row are called- salted caramel, marzipan, semi-sweet, strawberry bon bon, candied violet and amaretto. The 3 lovely matte shades are very creamy and blend lovely on eyes as all the shadows do even though some of them don’t swatch as good as others. The candied violet shadow is a lot more glittery and chunky than the other 2 shimmers in this row but when on the eye gives a lovely sparkle and foiled effect. 

The last row on the palette all the shadows are shimmers but in varing degrees, some are very glittery with micro glitter and others are a satin sheen. The shadows are called- hazelnut, creme brulee, haute chocolate, cherry cordial and champagne truffle. All the shadows on the last row are all beautiful and apply very easily to the lid and blend well, also spritzing all of them with MAC Fix+ gives that foiled wet looking metallic sparkle. 

Personally I don’t come across many palettes that I can hands down say I like all the shadows in the palette because normally there is 1 or 2 shadows that don’t really work for me or are patchy or just something I’m not impressed with. I can truely honestly say that I love every single shadow in this palette! I think you can do a wide variety of look with the palette, it can range from day to night looks and is very versatile! The quality of the shadows are great and I think it’s overall a massive thumbs up from me! 
If you are looking for a good quality palette that you want some variety with but also can wear on a daily basis this is the palette for you and I also think it’s a palette that every makeup fan should have in their collection! I hope this review has helped you out or you ha r enjoyed ready this! 






  1. This palette is one of my favorites!

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  2. Love it! Such a great review and beautiful swatches! They came out with a white chocolate palette as well!

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