Review on Essence products! 

I’ve seen a couple of people talk on YouTube and Instagram about Essence products and how they are a great find at the drugstore. So of course I had to go buy a few products and test them out for myself. 

The first product I picked up from this line was the Sun Club Matte Bronzing Powder in the shade light. This appealed to me because of it’s big pan the bronzer comes in, I straight away liked this because I can swirl a big fluffy brush in it too bronze my face. To be honest I did expect this bronzer to be patchy like a lot of cheaper bronzers are, I was very surprised that it blended on my cheek beautiful! It was very smooth and gave my face that sun kissed look! This bronzer did remind me a lot of the Chanel Soeil De Tan which is a very high end bronzer. The bronzer does have a slight scent to it but it fades when applied to the face. So overall I love this product and I will be reaching for it on a day to day basis! 

The second product was naturally the Strobing Highlighter in the shade 01. In my drugstore this was the only hightlighter but I do believe there is a wider range. First looking at the hightligher it has a pink tone to it but is very subtle, I did expect the product to be chunky and maybe a bit too glittery as some of the cheaper highlighters are. Yet again I was surprised that it applied very smoothly, this highlight is very subtle and looks like a natural glow to this skin, I don’t think you could achieve that Instagram highlight with this but for an everyday glow this is beautiful! The lighter has no scent to it like the bronzer, I did notice however though the day it did fade away which was a bit disappointing. I’m very split minded on this product so I think I’ll have to use it a bit more to fully make my opinion. 

The next products I picked up were the blushes because I was so surprised at the price of these being only £1! In my drugstore there was only one satin blush and two matte blushes in a coral, pink and berry shade. Personally I don’t think there is a lot of difference between the satin and the matte to me they are all very matte when applied to the face. I think the blush colours are lovely and yet again surprised by the blendablity of them! With blushes I personally prefer pigmentation I can build up the intensity if I need too and I found I could do that with ease with these blushes. Also the blushes have no scent which I like and overall I do really enjoy these and again I’ll be reaching for them, I’ve also recommend them to my Mam and Grandma. 

The last product I picked up from this range was something that I was very interested in! The Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss, now to me this sounded like a liquid lipstick but it says on the packaging that it’s a lipgloss now I’ve never had a matte lipgloss because to me lipglosses always have a shine and glossy look to them. First thing I noticed with this product is the scent, this scent is so strong when you open it up! The lipgloss smells,  to my best description like vanilla and caramel sponge cake. The texture of this lipgloss is very whipped and thick, so if you don’t like that texture or scent this is not for you. When I applied it to my lips I was waiting for it to dry like you would with a liquid lipstick, the only thing is this never did dry, this lipgloss is not matte at all! I was waiting for it too suddenly dry to a matte finish but no, it was just a satin finish, I even tried blotting it but the lipgloss still was not matte! So I’m warning you now don’t buy this product to expect a matte finish because you just won’t get it! Other than that I did really enjoy it as a lip product it was very opaque, I didn’t think it seemed to last a long time, to me just like any other lipstick would so that was a bit disappointing. So overall I would say the lipgloss is a pass to me just because it doesn’t do what it says on the packaging. 

After reviewing these few products from the Essence line I was surprisingly pleased with the majority of products and I will be purchasing more to try out and see what else it good and others that I would pass on. 

I hope you enjoyed ready this review of the products and hopefully it has helped you out, or if you’re on a budget and looking for good products. Thanks for ready and feel free to leave a comment below! 





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