Tarteist Pro Palette! 

I have being eyeing this palette up for a while now so I finally gave in and purchased it! Of course I had to try it for a while and see what all the shadows were like so I could do a honest review for you guys!

I’m going to start with the first row of shadows, this palette is set out on rows were it is possible to complete a full look with that row. I find this lay out really nice and very different and I do enjoy it! The palette has 16 matte shadows and 4 metallic and slightly duo chromed shadows. The shadows in the first row are called from left to right- classic, innocent, whimsy, smoked and the metallic shadow is ethereal. The second row in the palette left to right- vintage, fierce, no filter, vamp and glam. The third row has the shadows called- chic, profesh, mod, drama and minx. The last row on the palette has the shadows left to right- indie, bold, edgy, punk and trendy.

The top row of shadows are really lovely and creamy apart from the end brown matte shadows which I found to be a bit chalky when swatched and also a little harder to blend than the others. Apart from that the other shadows are beautiful blend gorgeously and the metallic is sparkily almost wet looking on the eye.

The second row of shadows has a purple themed look and the mattes in this row have the same texture as the top, very creamy and buttery, apart from the darkest one again. I found this brown to be chalky as well and a little harder to blend which I was disappointed with. The metallic shade in the row to me is very similar to the top metallic shade, looking at it in the palette it looked a lot littler and more pink tones put swatched and on the eyes it is very similar.
The third row of the pallet is another warm toned look with a berry hint to it, personally I love this berry warm toned look on myself so this row was the most exciting to me! The first 2 shadows feel lovely buttery and cream and blend like a dream, the other 2 matte shadows are slightly drier and a slightly harder to blend but not as chalky and the other browns in the palette. The metallic shadow in this row has a duo chrome feel to it, it’s a brown with tones of red and gold in it depending on the reflection of the light.
The last row of the palette is designed for what I think would be a smokey eye look. The first 3 shadows in the last row are lovely blend beautiful and are creamy and buttery much like the majority of the shadows in the palette. The last matte shadow in the pallete looks like a dark black shadow, when I first saw it and I swatched it I was instantly disappointed, as you can see by the picture this is a very chalky shadow and the pay off is not great and looks more like a grey when blended on the eyes. The metallic shadow in the last row is something very special, it is a duo chrome shadow with tones of blue, green, brown and gold to it, it looks stunning on the eyes and makes all eye colours pop because of the different hues.

So overall this palette is good and bad, I think if you are a makeup collector like myself it is worth the purchase just for the special metallic shadows and also the creamy matte shadows. If you are looking for a good palette which can do you for different looks and wondering if it’s worth the money I would say no, it is possible to get a different palette which all the shadows in it are the same quality.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Tarteist Pro Palette and I also hope this review helped you in your purchase making decision and if not well I hope it entertained you!






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