Holy Grail Foundations 

It was so hard narrowing down my favourite foundations, but I managed to do it! I chose two drugstore and two high end foundations just for some variety. 

First one is the Milani conceal and perfect 2+1 foundation and concealer. For all the girls and guys out there who love a full full coverage foundation, you need to go pick this one up because you’ll love it! This is covers all my sun spots, hyperpimentation and a few acne scars I have on my face with just one layer. This foundation applys well with both a brush and beauty blender, a brush is less coverage than a beauty blender but if you want extreme coverage I would recommend an Artis brush. The foundation does also stay looking good as well, if you are oily you made need a few touch ups during the day. 

The next foundation is the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, this is the first higher end foundation I chose. This foundation is another full coverage foundation, however it is not as full coverage in my opinion as the Milani Foundation although it does give a lovely finish, very natural but still full coverage. Another good aspect of this foundation is that Kat Von D has a wide range of shades and for those pale beauties out there she does have very light shades in this line. Personally I like the application of this foundation with a beauty blender because it gives the foundation that nice natural finish while still being full coverage. The foundation does stay put for a long time and I find I don’t need to touch up as much as any other foundation. 

The third of my favourite foundations is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation. This is a brilliant drugstore foundation and on the bottle it does state that it is full coverage but I find it to be more of a buildable foundation. The foundation applied lovely with both a brush and beauty blender, it does apply more full coverage with an Artis brush, but I find that to be the case with most foundations. Rimmel London also do another version of this foundation if you prefer a sheer coverage with a blue top called, Match Perfection. 

The last but not least is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I personally think this is a beautiful foundation with a natural to satin finish. The foundation has medium coverage, you would have to go in with a thicker concealer to cover any sun spots or hyperpigmentation. I think this foundation would look lovely on young teenage skin because it would make the skin naturally glow. I also noticed when wearing this foundation is does last a good amount of time and also looks stunning in photographs. 

I hope you enjoyed my review of my four holy grail foundations! 






  1. I’ve been looking into getting the Kat Von D lock it foundation for a while now, thanks for the post! Very helpful! 😊

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  2. Great post! I was meaning to pick up the Make Up Forever foundation for ages now, and I’m heading to Sephora tomorrow to check it out. Any idea if it clogges pores or has it caused you any break-outs?

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    1. No I’ve never found it to break me out or clog my pores, it’s such a lovely foundation well worth to check it out! 💋

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