My First Blog Post!

So this is my first blog post. I won’t make it too boring for you reading this. However I will let you into a bit of a secret, I never imaged myself starting a blog, starting an Instagram and possibly a Facebook. This was just not what I saw myself doing.

I started studying to become a nurse, I did all the graft and the hard work, got the experience of working long hours, but that clearly wasn’t my destiny since I’ve ended up writing this blog post for you.

Since I was very small, my first memory is of me playing with my mothers makeup hiding in my room and applying lipstick. It was always a hobby of mine to look glamorous and buy makeup, I just love anything girly and pink, that’s who I truly am.

For privacy reasons I’m not going to tell you about how I’ve ended up here and writing to you, but I do promise you this, I will try my hardest to produce a makeup blog full of reviews, content and inspiring things so that it’s enjoyable to read and we can build a community together!

Please feel free to leave comments and like my posts and interact with me on social media platforms because I love meeting new people and talking to you all!


The Makeup Junkie



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